Thomas Köner — Motus

The headliner of Mille Plateaux, Thomas Köner has published his new album Motus. This release can be characterized as a sum of minimalism and technogenic rhythms. In some places, one could note rather dark basslines which transport the audience to some sort of industrial town, surrounded by abandoned buildings.

Motus is cold and completely impartial. This is pure "audio truth" with no introductions, and that one must listen to in headphones in order to truly unveil its complex facets. Thomas' creation is like a viscous hypnotic fog or mercury whose evaporations steadily persist from track to track.

Motus sounds mechanical and electricized, which, undoubtedly cannot fail to make his art akin to the experiments of Pan Sonic and the project of Mika Vainio, but it is, however, but a small hit for the audience. One does not need to draw parallels in order to describe the artist's work, as he is quite original on his own.

Köner wanted to reflect the music of the future and has successfully achieved his goal, thanks to his radical views on sound, as a physical phenomenon. Every album by this musician means overcoming the inertia and creating new music, surpassing your own limits, a search for new sound, destroying conventional stereotypes and discovering new audio spaces. The only question is, why is this future so devoid of feelings, emotions and has no place for light? Perhaps, the answer will be known to us really soon.

Thomas Köner
Mille Plateaux

Author: Ilya Kudrin