Gianluca Iadema & Automatisme — Alter​-​Scape 7 & Hyle

The Hyle & Alter-Scape 7 release on Mille Plateaux is a split by two artists: William Jourdain, who is based in Quebec, and Gianluca Iadema, who lives in Graz, Austria. The release contains one original composition by each member of the duo, and on top of that, two remixes made by them on each other's tracks.

The split is opened with the remix by Gianluca Iadema, made on the track by Automatisme, Alter-Scape 7, which consists of stretched, voluminous glitch patterns. Later on, intelligent clicks & cuts kick in, while the background is occupied by atmospheric ambient. At times, the clicks & cuts are reminiscent of the typical sound made by a spinning object while hitting a surface. Sometimes, a 4 notes trance-psychedelic melody emerges to give the composition a dancefloor flavor. The execution of everything is impeccable.

The second track begins with sounds that remind you of a hand of a grandfather clock that keeps swinging left and right, and then turns into a harshly cyclical rhythm in a aggressive pushy style, while its convoluted and repetitive pattern strickes like an electric charge. The track that is playing, is Automatisme's remix on Gianluca Iadema's composition, Hyle.

The original Hyle by Gianluca Iadema is a piece that is completely based on clicks & cuts, sometimes accompanied by background ambient sounds, and sometimes by a techno-rhythm.

We can hear a cyclical structure in Alter-Scape 7, the track by Automatisme, although this time, the presentation is less aggressive. The sound can be compared to that of approaching imaginary atmospheric space accompanied by light creaking.

It is extremely pleasant that the Mille Plateaux label and its founder Achim Szepanski uphold their reputation, and don't stray away from their signature glitch sound, while letting the audience discover fantastic music by new artists.

Gianluca Iadema
Mille Plateaux

Author: Ilya Kudrin