Pjusk — Spinn

A new release by the duo Pjusk is always like a breath of fresh air for the audience that is well familiar with their work. Every track from the EP, Spinn, is the result of collaboraton between the Norwegian musicians and other artists, much like their previous work, Sakne verda.

Already starting from the first track, we can hear a rather interesting combination of enveloping ambient and straight rhythm section (the influence that the techno scene has had on the artist is quite evident), which is complimented by the beautiful voice. A composition was done with Yui Onodera, an artist who had already collaborated with Pjusk in the past.

The piece named IO stands out with its rustling noises and bass-like sounds, reminiscent of some artists from Raster-Noton, a German label. Later on, the audio field changes and Maarja Nuut's vocals form a hypnotizing melody that one could just as easily utilize in creation of experimental techno.

The last track is accompanied by crackling sounds. It is here, that the "nordic sound" of the duo shows itself in full colors. A once-again steady techno-like rhythm is present in the composition, where it gets diluted with ambient structures.

All in all, Spinn is a good attempt by Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Rune Sagevik to uncover new dimensions of Pjusk. And while other representatives of the experimental scene are busy with self-copying, this project makes its primary objective to develop and to progress, which is quite deserving of respect.

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Author: Ilya Kudrin