Various Artists — Monochrome Visions (For Dmitry Vasilyev)

At the very beginning of September (the 7th) Moscow-based journalist, promoter and boss of legendary Monochrome Vision record label Dmitry Vasilyev has drowned in Black Sea. Tragic and big loss for all his friends, musicians, colleagues and all true fans of experimental electronic music not only in Russia but in many other countries.

One of his old friends, famous Dutch musician, label manager and journalist Frans de Waard initiated a memorial compilation on his Korm DigitaalMonochrome Visions (for Dmitry Vasilyev) is an impressive monument of experimental music, consisting of 120 tracks. Musicians from Russia, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, UK, Finland, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany provided exclusive tracks for this album, reflecting almost all genres of experimental music, from free improv and industrial to dark ambient and noise. Monochrome Visions (for Dmitry Vasilyev) is not only a great compilation of high quality, but real memory of this unique man.


Author: Alexei Borisov