Mathieu St-Pierre — These Elephants

The Canadian video and sound artist Mathieu St-Pierre released a concept album, titled These Elephants in August 13, 2018. The musical component of the album is a high-quality ambient, based on various field recordings in combination with electronics. Each track has its own character and mood, which corresponds to a certain place that can be visited with the help of Google Maps application. With the Streets View function it's possible to get quite a detailed overview of the area or place, which is connected with a particular track. Of course, each video journey is backed by a concrete song, which makes this album very attractive and even innovative, expanding the perception of the ambient music, or, more precisely, the art of soundscapes. Accordingly, a preview of the album with a small instruction manual is available on YouTube. Overall, These Elephants is a great job which could be recommended not only to the specialists or fans, but to a more wider audience not so familiar with experimental music in general.


Mathieu St-Pierre

Author: Alexei Borisov