Lorenzo Montana — SlowaVes

Lorenzo Montana, very well known for his works with Pete Namlook, Mick Chillage, Alio Die and many others has produced and the first digital release in his career titled SlowaVes.

From the first moments, the opening track Hyiou immerses you in a mystic atmosphere of bell rings, followed by the melodic ambient-background, taking you far away from the reality.

This composition is followed by Laamtha, piece with quite a heavy assembly, resembling a lone trip in a manual railcar, filled with tasty afx-sounds, so gentle to the ear.

You get fully appreciate the release in the third track  Waath, where you recognize the typical style of Lorenzo - ambient with idm elements characterized by the deep passages on the synthesizers and wicked rhythms.

Towards the middle melodies Prj003 and Queyt call forces of nature, widely presented in the works of the musician. These tracks have acute rhythms with the sounds of bells but much warmer and with a more positive atmosphere. 

Something on the Roof is a 2-minute long composition, which draws the line of the album. This track has a similar mood to the first track Hyiou, with a thicker plot and things get even more dangerous. 

Lorenzo Montana

Author: Ilya Kudrin