Marcus Fischer — Loss

Loss always results in a devastation. Whatever was important and dear suddenly disappears, changing our life. Loss is the new album of Marcus Fischer - American musician, who worked in the past with Taylor Deupree and Cory Allen.

According to the description of this album this is a follow-up to the debut record of the musician called Monocoastal, released on 12k label. After releasing his first album Marcus was looking for an inspiration for some time. Finally, we get to see his new creation.

The first track titled Nocturna reveals a major part of the panorama - guitar sounds paint specific movie frames: a balcony in the evening, leaves, singing crickets...

Nocturna is followed by Veering, filled with the sea mood, where micro sounds dilute drone-vibrations, resembling rustling of the fine glass in bags.

Each of the compositions is produced in an ascentic framework, combining the American minimalist school with deep drone vibrations and microsound elements described earlier.

The sixth melancholic track While is slowly transforming into a final play Home (the main track of the album, in our opinion) which consumes you with its airy atmosphere, background sounds of rhodes piano and different types of hissing noises.

Loss is rethinking of our environment - water, air, each little stone: the perception of it depends only on us, on our inner state, feelings and well-being.

Marcus Fischer

Author: Uniq