Ran Slavin — Product 02

Internet is a giant sound supermarket, with music labels supplying products and Ran Slavin is a master chef of the high quality music. Product 02 record offers an exquisite dish of sound design with a desert of music 
metamorphosis. This is quite a light record with a distinct therapeutic effect. I went through a lot of records in my life and have to say that this is one of the rare examples of drifting, atmospheric sounds that will remain in your memory for a long time. The sound of the Product 02 is always in motion, it transforms from one shape to another, flows and changes its state. Such dynamic approach makes Ran’s music very different to the music of many other artists, which use more traditional, static sound approach.

Slavin’s sound design is always on the go, it is a permanent consistency inside ongoing changes. Every track is a sketch, music story or a fantasy tale. The author has a unique and often surprising approach, his experiments and numerous improvisations make you feel at ease and free.

Ran Slavin has started as a guitar player and you are reminded of this throughout the whole record. You can describe every track one by one, but this album is much better to be consumed in one piece. Such an unusual music treat brings guaranteed satisfaction to most demanding fans and experimental music aficionados. Product 02 is another great release of Crónica label, recommended to all those tired of junk food tracks flooding today’s music market with its bland pap.