Min-Y-Llan & Floating Spirits — FfAtP

Martin Boulton, already being the founder of the label Touched Music will surprise many of you with the fact that he is also a member of his own music project called Min-Y-Llan. This time around, we are looking at a split shared between Martin and Floating Spirits, his fellow artist from the label Section 27, and the new album got a mysterious name FfAtP. 

The record begins with quite a dark musical piece 
A Thousand Years of Darkness by Min-Y-Llan. It makes you want to hold your breath while listening to it, and there's a Winston Churchill famous citation: «The destiny of man is not measured by material computations» in the final part of the track. 

The release gets a cheerful and truly colorful rainbowish tinge from the track called Methoxetamine by Floating Spirits. A candid and positive piece of music.
While listening to the whole thing, I couldn't get rid of the impression that both musicians purposely had masks on. During the entire record Min-Y-Llan mostly displays rather cold and moody tracks with hard beats and fat bass; with the exception of Cold Orange Mornings where one could track down a melody that is more or less bright. At the same time, Floating Spirits shares something a lot more light-hearted with us, enriching the palette of the whole release. 

As soon as the seven original tracks are over, we are offered remixes from various artists: BLN, AtOm, John Callaghan, a drum version by Quadrable with the original bass, Exm and a dance beat version by Stoobz. All the remix makers showed their own vision of the tracks from the split. Whether some of them did a better job than the others, that's left for the audience to decide. 

Only 100 copies of the release were issued, each one of them signed by hand.

Author: Ilya Kudrin