Kryptogen Rundfunk — Liquid Circuits

Slowly, from the horizon rises and grows the first track, Subaudition Coils, hypnotizing us by the streams of sounds disappearing in the depths of the endless space, carrying you inside a spaceship full of scientific machines on the mission to the distant stars. The second track calls the memories of the Soviet sci-fi film Planeta Bur (1962), directed by Pavel Klushantsev. The soundtrack made of cosmic noise has such a wonderful sound, of alive universe of machines, mechanisms and micro-chips. The track, Pyramidoid, sounds more like a soothing hypnosis, after the previous track, we just heard. It is a temporary ambient drift, but the sound wave is still with us and never lets us go.

Vibroseis starts with the direct sub-bass of the technogenic origin. Beware, it may untune you psychologically with its frequencies. 
The strain fades with another ambient break and we get 
to the Collapse of Neurotic Illusions, 14 minutes and 25 seconds in length, the longest track on the album. Listening to the track and looking at the real world objects is an interesting experiment, which will change the way you comprehend the motional sound of this record.

The record concludes with the pacifying notes of We Forget, but the sound unrest of the record will remain in your mind for a long time. Liquid Circuits is one of the best presents to the admirers of electronic music, but it may have unexpected effects on unprepared listener.

The record was created using a large set of tools: electric guitar, flute, synthesisers, machines, recorded sounds and sound effects, everything required to achieve the most complete self-expression by the artist and impact consciousness of a listener, both of which are done really well in this recording. The record boasts a curious and futuristic cover, that you will gaze on for hours, trying to untangle connections between its elements. It is mastered by Kshatriy, and realized on Zhelezobeton, with a limited edition of 333 copies, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Kryptogen Rundfunk was created by Artyom Ostapchuk (aka M.M.), founder of the Zhelezobeton label, who also took part in a number of other music projects.