Christopher Willits — Horizon

This record by Christopher Willits was released on Ghostly International, where he was recording since 2006. I got to know the music of Christopher when I stumbled upon his video Comet, produced for the first track of this album. This video opened my eyes to the beauty and depths of the surrounding world, created by the music of Christopher.

Weak strokes of brush started in Comet become more distinct in the track Return, which reminds me of walking valleys and hovering birds calling from above. Each string of grass, drop of dew, each pebble and grain of soil is reflected in the sound pallet of this track. The main mood of this album is profound and reserved ambient. If you get tired of the city noise, concrete jungle and busy highways Horizon will take out to the nature. In fact the nature always lives inside us and we should never forget about it.

Rising is a perfect reminder of our bounds with the nature. Sub our consciousness, it paints the slow sun, clouds, distant seething rivers crossing our landscape in the morning hour. Such a refreshing feeling!

The play Simplicity has surprising and distinct melodic sounds, twisting into an organic sound sculpture. This track completely relaxes you before passing its energy to you.

Horizon ends with a track with a concise and minimalistic name Two, where the landscape painted previously falls still with the setting sun. The trip is over, we leave our dream with the final sounds of the track which is final point in new of the book of Christopher Willits’ art.