Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri — La Equidistancia

Leandro Fresco and Rafael Anton Irisarri. Anyone who’s keen on Ambient music doesn’t need to be told about those musicians. The former has his music released on 
the label Kompakt, where his records often bring joy to 
his audience, and the latter is released on Room40 (founded by Lawrence English) second year in a row. 

To our astonishment, the collaboration of those two musicians that live at a considerable distance from each other resulted into a split called La Equidistancia that got released on an American label A Strangely Isolated Place on only 150 vinyl disks in total. The split turned out to be quite elevated and philosophical which is reflected even in the titles of the tracks. This music can’t be understood, it must be felt, breathing it in like air, clearing your soul and reaching for enlightenment. This record itself has some unusual clarity that I have never encountered before. 

The record La Equidistancia begins with the track Cuando el Misterio es Demasiado Impresionante es Imposible Desobedecer. A very airy and atmospheric ambient appears very slowly and the synthesizer turns around and fades into the background, leaving a ghostly shadow. 

Bajo Un Ocaso Desteñido is a track that makes you feel all the power of the winds. This track makes invokes the feeling of a bird flying somewhere among the clouds at a very considerable height. This ambient is very smooth, gliding and floating. 

Lo Esencial es Invisible a los Ojos changes the general structure around a little but overall makes the sound of the album much more lively. While listening to it you might get the feeling of the sound of glass rolling on 

the bottom of the oceanic depths and being crushed and turned into sand by water. Immediately after it ends, 
the next track Las Palabras Son Fuente de Malentendidos lets us mentally travel to the desert of our own solitude, utilizing all the power of our imagination. There’s no one around This is a wonderful, sad and beautiful music, 
one of the most serious tracks from the entire album. 

Entre La Niebla is something mysterious that we already could hear on the compilations Pop Ambient (Kompakt). Here you can feel the beauty of the ambient structures of Leandro Fresco, you can plunge into the world of dreams, this music is for the dreamers. 

The album ends with the track. Un Horizonte en Llamas where the traditional sound of Leandro Fresco and the sharp and sparkly guitar melody of Rafael Anton Irisarri are fused together once and for all. At some point the time stops and the music touches and hooks onto the strings of the heart and the soul, resulting in a epilogue for the 40-minutes long trip. The two talented musicians definitely managed to created something truly fascinating, surpassing the limits of their solo art.

El mundo no será igualporque el Misterio Es Demasiado Impresionante.