0ID — 22:22

Andrei Antonets is well-known for experimental electronic music fans as one of the founders of Alexandroid - a project that is famous far beyond Russian Borders. He began his solo career with ambient project 0ID, issuing 2 CD releases: Red Book (Ambient mix) and magnificent album Systems of Mercy released on Lagunamuch Records. A plenty of time passed from those days and after a long calm period, after almost 11 years after his last release, in March 2017 a new 0ID's album, called 22:22 was unveiled. As musician confesses, all tracks from this album are pages from his personal diary and were written in morning hours after sleepless nights. 

Musical journey starts with a touching piano composition Die Schaukel, which captures by its frankness. Nostalgia, light moments of life that you can remember with a little bit of sadness on your mind - all this things are actually putted in Die Schaukel and creak of seesaw remind of a childhood. 

Second track, Youtubia - is an interesting journey into stellar world of a pleasant evening. Tranquility and positive emotions of a track greatly complete the first composition by its light rhythms.

As I think, the main idea of an album is putted into central track White Jaguar, where listeners are offered to stay alone with a calm night and shining stars, which are keeping all their untold secrets and stories. After a long night a long-awaited dawn comes and slowly touches the windows with it's golden rays. All this we hear in Invalid Knights. But at the same time a feeling of an uncertain season comes.

The album ends by the track Unicorno - a real soundtrack for an awake and active city, that is the one truly rhythmical composition, and Mahamaya Electronic Devices - melodic poem about how noisy town gets calm before night. 

In last years 0ID's sound has definitely changed and it's evident that there's a new life period came for the musician and this vinyl is another confirmation for that.

Vinyl 0ID - 22:22 was released in edition of 200 hand-numbered copies on Moscow-based label SEALT


Author: Ilya Kudrin